Chill Subs

A publisher? A fast food chain?

person reading looking at a long paper


There are too many opportunities out there, and that's pretty damn overwhelming. Where to submit my new poem? Where to find an editor? I guess I need a website, but how are those created? Or like, how to get people to actually read my new story, and not just like the tweet about its acceptance? In the end you still have no idea what to do with your silly little life, so you end up not doing anything at all 🤡

Which is stupid. You obviously want to be famous and accomplished and sexy, that’s why you have to make at least SOME progress, ok?

chill subs is here to help with that. We give you some very nice search tools and cool details about each opportunity which makes it really easy to actually take action. We're also here to promote the hell out of your work and help you connect with people. You can create a profile, add your publications and services, AND browse other profiles and their publications and services. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

And we're only getting started.