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74 Poetry Lit Mags Publishing Previously Published Poems (open now)

Have you ever tried to figure out what previously published means? It's a freakin' maze. For some, it feels like you better never have even spoken your poem aloud otherwise they don't want it. Yes! Even if you just whispered them to yourself in a dark room. For others, it's fine so long as they were only published on Twitter in six parts on a Tuesday sometime after the turn of the century. Woof. But thankfully, these literary magazines don't give two whistling shits where it was published, and they want your work right now. So, as all the great minds of our generation say, 'just give up and take the easy road.'

1) 96th of October

2) Alebrijes Review


4) angelique zine

5) Archive of the Odd

6) Atlantis Creative Magazine

7) Bi Women Quarterly

Logo of Bi Women Quarterly literary magazine

Bi Women Quarterly

A grassroots publication produced by the Boston Bisexual Women’s Network. It has been in continuous publication since 19...

Responds: 3 months

Payment: No

Followers: 2k+

8) The Bitchin’ Kitsch

9) Blue Lake Review (*note: We will consider work which has been previously published at least a year before in another publication. )

10) Bulb Culture Collective (*note: focus on previously published works that have lost their original home with journals that have gone dark.)

11) Buzgaga

Logo of Buzgaga literary magazine


We're seeking poems, short stories and art pieces for kids age between 4 to 11.

Theme: writing for kids
Responds: 1 month

Payment: No

Followers: < 100

12) COOP: chickens of our poetry (*note: Accept work previously published on personal blogs, social media, or forums)

13) Corvus Review

14) Dead Letter Radio (podcast)

15) Delicate Friend

16) eggplant tears

17) The Ekphrastic Review

18) Filter Coffee Zine

19) Fjords Review

20) FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry

21) Front Porch Review

22) The Furious Gazelle

23) The Gorko Gazette

Logo of The Gorko Gazette literary magazine

The Gorko Gazette

The Gorko Gazette publishes fake news headlines, one-panel cartoons, fake movie reviews, poetry, and other things.

Theme: May: American Cheese
Responds: 1-3 weeks

Payment: No

Followers: 700+

24) Green Splotches (defunct since Feb 2023)

25) Haikuniverse

26) Haven Speculative

27) healthline zine

Logo of healthline zine literary magazine

healthline zine

A digital zine exploring the healing power of art. Accepts pretty much any medium. Believes in hope, recovery & reflecti...

Theme: confessions
Responds: 2 weeks

Payment: No

Followers: 2k+

28) Ice Lolly Review

29) Impossible Task

30) Indecent Magazine

31) JAKE

32) Jersey Devil Press

33) Kaleidoscope Magazine

34) Koening Zine

Logo of Koening Zine literary magazine

Koening Zine

a zine by asian creatives celebrating asian voices

Theme: Asian Folklore
Responds: 2 weeks

Payment: No

Followers: 900+

35) lavender lime literary

36) The Lumiere Review

37) Meditating Cat Zine

38) miniMAG

39) Moody

40) Not Deer Magazine

41) Olympe

42) Overheard (*note: Only self-published (collection, blog, etc))

43) Palest Blue

44) Paranoid Tree Press

45) the Poet Heroic (podcast)

46) Poetry Online (

47) Poetry Super Highway (*note: Accept work previously published only in print)

48) Polyphony Lit.

49) Radon Journal

50) Sad Goose Cooperative

Logo of Sad Goose Cooperative literary magazine

Sad Goose Cooperative

an experimental multimedia website and magazine dedicated to creating works that push the limits of digital authorship. ...

Theme: LGBT Works
Responds: ASAP when subs close

Payment: No

Followers: 1k+

51) Sage Cigarettes

52) Scrawl Place

Logo of Scrawl Place literary magazine

Scrawl Place

Scrawl Place is part visitor’s guide, part literary journal. The audience for this online publication is the guest, the ...

Theme: Places
Responds: 1 month

Payment: Yes

Followers: 3k+

53) Silver Operation

54) Sixpence Society Literary Journal

55) Sleet Magazine

56) Snowflake Magazine

Logo of Snowflake Magazine literary magazine

Snowflake Magazine

An LGBTQ+ networking initiative centered around a published creative showcase. Join our community of queer writers, arti...

Theme: Labels
Responds: 1-2 months

Payment: No

Followers: 1k+

57) Soft Star Magazine

Logo of Soft Star Magazine literary magazine

Soft Star Magazine

An online publication featuring stories of science fiction, futurism, and speculative fiction with a healthy dose of opt...

Theme: Frontier
Responds: 1-7 days

Payment: No

Followers: 2k+

58) Soul-Lit

Logo of Soul-Lit literary magazine


An on-line journal of spiritual poetry, one in which work is published on an on-going basis. We construe the term "spiri...

Theme: Spiritual poetry
Responds: 1 month

Payment: No

Followers: -

59) Spiritus Mundi Review

60) Spoonie Magazine (defunct)

61) Stanza Cannon

62) Stone of Madness Press

63) Suburban Witchcraft Magazine

64) Tangled Laces Magazine

65) A Thin Slice of Anxiety

66) the tide rises, the tide falls

67) Travesties?! (*note: Also note that we are less likely to accept work still freely available online.)

68) Tropico Line (*note: Accept work previously published on personal pages)

69) Unlikely Stories

70) the voidspace (*note: We are more likely to accept previously published work if it: has been published somewhere that is not a traditional literary venue; or was published in a more traditional literary venue a year or more ago)

71) The Wax Paper

72) Wintermute Lit

73) Wishbone Words

74) Words For Change

75) Zero Readers