Cover of Two Poems by Tyler Jones

Two Poems by Tyler Jones

Let’s Try This Again

Grabs cup of tea.

Snuggle up in chair.

Preferably with socks on,

Even though you made it go

Below 68 on the thermostat.

No you’re not a brat.

It’s how you like it.

Taps mug.

Opens notes app.

Gets distracted by social media.

Sees a memory pop.

Sends memory to friend.

Reminisces fondly.

Focuses up.

Opens laptop.

Turns on computer.

It’s time for a hardware update.

Computer restarts by itself

Because it’s left on auto update.

Hates that function.

Waits 15 minutes because

Laptop is old.

Too broke to buy another.

Bored while waiting.

Goes to YouTube to play music.

Preferably lo-fi beats.

Beats channel has changed picture.

Doesn’t matter.

It’s chill.

Time to unwind.

Runs out of tea.

Goes to make another because

This is basically breakfast.

Goes to cabinet but

Favorite tea is gone and

Earl Grey is what you must settle for.

Pot is still surprisingly hot

Because luckily

But dangerously

You left the stove on.

Pours the water and tea is done.

Goes back to computer.

It’s finally ready.

Turns it on.

Opens google docs.

It’s time.

Productively from the blinking

Dot is here to save the day.

Stares at screen for

At least for fifteen minutes.

Closes laptop.

Walks away.

Glad you got some writing

Done today.

Selling Sunsets

Happiness for sale and

All that makes me well.

Words that fed my soul,

Made me whole when I felt

Hollow and I wallowed,

Increase my account

When I don’t have any

Means of getting anything to

Eat or paying for where I sleep.

Words keep food on the table

But I hate what kept me stable

Has eyes reading what

Sowed me back together

When I was unraveling.

Constantly battling if I

Hide the notes that

Filled my hole or burn the

Pages just to have another

Page to burn in my urn.

Light is wasting away but I’m

Feeling myself start to fade

As pages are laid to a

Timely but profitable waste.