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We've been writers. We've been editors. We've had all the same headaches, same pain points and frustrations (really, look us up). Chill Subs has 3000 magazine listings, with 1000+ new writer profiles made each month. This gives us the ability to create a submissions manager that will seemlessly connect writers with publishers to solve some of the industry's biggest headaches.

What we plan to do

Solve problems. Specifically:

  • Prohibitively expensive tools for writers & editors.
  • A lack of clarity in the submissions process.
  • Barrier to entry for new writers.
  • Human connection & understanding between writers and publishers.
  • A lack of innovative tools.
  • Unfollowed submission guidelines.
  • Spam submissions.
  • Outrageous submission fees.
  • AI generated submissions.
  • No mobile application for industry tools.
  • Janky & hard to use writer services.
  • Lack of transparency in publishing.
  • Poor accessibility & sub-standard solutions for uplifting underrepresented voices.
  • And more. We won't solve all of these in phase one, and this is far from a comprehensive list.

We'll be releasing updates
in five phases

Phase 1Don't screw it up
Phase 2Mobile application, and so on.) with an end-goal of creating a comprehensive interconnected ecosystem for writers & editors to connect and publish amazing works.
Phases 3-5Super secret stuff

Why Now?

We just hit 3000 mags and advertising gave us the money to hire some help so we don't totally crap the bed.

Why Us?

All the people who could do it better are busy working on the AI apocalypse. // opposable thumbs

For Editors

Affordability for large mags. super cost-effective option for small operations. unlimited categories. unlimited editors. flagging system for unfollowed guidelines. customizable interface.

For Writers

New mag suggestions when rejected. clearly defined guidelines. simplified interface. one-stop shop for all info. integration with tracker & writer profile, auto-resubmit options

For Both

Better communication between editors & writers. Inject some levity & fun into the process.

Dark Mode

May contain: vulgarity, self-deprecation, tears of laughter, regular tears, moments of self reflection, text lingo, ALL CAPS moments, poor grammar, made-up words, pictures of cats, nonsense.

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